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These steam turbines are mainly designed based on the process industries needs. It is custom built and is replacement to the existing Pressure reducing stations (PRS) and Pressure reducing and de-superheating stations (PRDS), which are widely used in the process industries. The basic objectives are to utilize the heat energy available in the steam rather than wasting by throttling it in PRV or PRDS.


  • The power generated through this system depends on the process pressure requirement and pressure level raised in the Boiler. Lower the process pressure, better the power output.

  • Superheating required, hence cost of fuel for superheating adds on to the operation cost, which is negligible when compared to the power generated.

  • Parts in contact with steam has better life as compared to saturated steam turbines as the quality of steam is better and free from moisture.

  • The power generated thus also qualifies for the carbon credit.

  • Options of Alternator and Induction generator available for fluctuating steam loads.

  • Options of Imported and Indian turbine module.

  • Pressure Range :

    Inlet pressure : Maximum 44 Kgs/cm24400C (Superheated) Back pressure : Maximum 8 Kgs/cm2

  • Steam Flow :

    Maximum : 75 tons/hr Minimum : 3 tons/hr

  • Power : Maximum : 5 MW Minimum : 200 KW

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